The Battle for Democracy in Ukraine

Post-Soviet Russia is not the democratic heaven some have expected.  It was an oligarchy from the day Communism ruled, which meant you had an “Inner Party” of the privileged few, and the VERY poor, under-educated majority.  Fast forward to 2014 – Russia is still much the same kind of place – ultra-wealthy few (and the mafia) control the government, while most Russians are barely able to get ahead.

The components of the Soviet Union have gone their separate ways – or at least some of them have.  One fledgling democracy, if you want to call it that, is the Ukraine.  Their democratically-elected President has been unduly influenced by Russia’s Putin to NOT join the European Union, which all Ukrainians have called for.  The result is nothing short of violent revolution, with dozens of citizens dead and hundreds wounded by a police force trying to quell dissent.  Watch this video, and spread it around.